More background for ‘Perceptions.’

This novel is based upon a true story of medical malpractice and the consequences that can ruin the victims’ and their families lives. We as a society place our utmost trust in our doctors. After all, they are consummate professionals. However, when a mistake does occur, are most doctors willing to admit they erred? The answer is a resounding “NO.” In this situation, doctors rally around each other to protect themselves. It really isn’t about money – it’s about pride; ego; image. Obviously, depending upon the severity of the patients’ post-operative prognosis, and especially when a civil action is pending, some doctors will stoop to whatever means necessary to insulate themselves from blame. As a result, their neglected patient sufferings only continue to worsen since, believe me I know, a fellow doctor WILL NOT touch their colleagues mishap. Always remember one thing Mary and I were told when it was discovered she had a massive post-op infection: “The mafia buries their enemies, but doctors bury their mistakes.”


About authorjohnonda
55 years old, single, Bachelor of Science degree in Management/Computer Science. I wrote 'Perceptions of Morality' to honor my late mother, Mary Onda.

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